MGA PAL Website

To see your child’s grades please use link below:

MDCPS Parent Portal


All parents and visitors must be cleared through MDCPS

Be a School Volunteer User Guide


To be a school volunteer please follow these steps:

*  Parents, will log into Parent Portal.
*  M-DCPS Students, will log into Student Portal.
*  M-DCPS Employees will log into Employee Portal.
*  All other volunteers/community members, will log into Community Portal. After portal login, follow these steps:
*  Click the Services and Sites tab at the top.
*  Click on the Be a School Volunteer! link.
*  Choose your school(s) and activity(ies) in which you wish to volunteer.
*  Go to your selected school/location and show your identification for final approval.

A key part of the educational process at Mater Brickell Preparatory is the Teacher-Parent-Student partnership.

Learning best occurs for students when there is a strong interaction between the home and school.  Therefore, at Mater Grove, parents are expected to play an integral role in their child’s education by completing volunteer hours and participating in other school activities.