Parent Representative Contact Information


Mater Brickell Preparatory

Conflict Resolution Procedures

For issues involving an individual teacher or class, parents address their concerns to the following individuals in the diagram below. All requests will be answered within 24 hours. Please note that whenever possible, parents should direct their concerns to the classroom teacher before requesting a conference with an administrator. In addition, the chain of
communication outlined below will be used when scheduling conferences. Please do not engage in parent conferences during arrival/ dismissal of students, in the hallways or during classroom time.

Positive relations between the School and its parents and families are a primary concern. For that reason, every effort will be made to handle disputes in the most positive way possible. The following steps have been outlined in order to facilitate resolution of such issues:

Step 1
Make an appointment to clarify issue with your student’s teacher (if applicable).
Step 2
Make appointment to clarify issue with the school administrator.
Step 3
Contact your Board Appointed Parent Liaison for your school.
Andrea Dominguez, Academica
Phone – 305-669-2906
Email –
Step 4
State concerns at a scheduled Governing Board meeting. If you want the Board to resolve or address some dispute or issue that you have with the school, then you must describe the matter in writing (assistance available upon request from Kelly Mallon / Board Liaison whose contact information is below) at least 3 days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting. Your matter will be added to the Board’s agenda. Please understand that: A public board meeting is the only forum in which Board Members should be addressed for disputes and the only forum in which they will respond to you. Board Members cannot respond to any other direct means of contact because an individual charter school board member, even the Chairman, does not have the authority to make decisions on behalf of Mater Academy, Inc.

Kelly Mallon
Board Liaison
Mailing Address: 6340 Sunset Drive, Miami, Florida 33143
Fax: (305) 669-2906

Note: This policy does not replace or change any proceeding that is governed by the Code of Student Conduct or the Parent Contract.
Step 5
Contact the Charter School Compliance and Support at your local school district at 305-995-1403